On Season Meals

The Food

Born out of our love of fine cuisine and fitness, On-Season Meal Prep started in the City of Fullerton has become the premier health and diet food delivery meal prep services in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Inland Empire.​

We aim to fuel your human purpose so you can achieve and live beyond your dreams.


Whether you’re running between appointments or workouts, finding time to cook a world-class and clean meal is nearly impossible. With On-Season Meal Prep you don’t even have to go to the grocery store. All you have to do is follow our heating instructions and dig in. Simple.


When it comes to eating health food, we believe that variety, quality and results is what keeps people motivated to achieve their goals. Why the name “On-Season Meal Prep?” Because we know that you are busy and even in your off-season you are working like you are On-Season. Whatever goals you have, we want to help you overcome your obstacles and fuel your purpose. Our founders of On-Season Meals meal prep, developed a comprehensive healthy menu that ensures customers are motivated to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We take pride in using the freshest and most nutrient dense ingredients.


In our meal prep menu we integrate a variety of cuisine such as international, fusion and classic comfort food. All our meals use fitness inspired ingredients with chef created recipes that most folks would struggle to replicate at home. Every week we offer 14 meal items you can choose from. There are 4 rotating weekly special meals, 3 seasonal meal offerings that rotate monthly, 2 OSM Original signatures meals, and 5 rotating breakfasts to choose from. If the choices seem daunting, don’t worry–they’re all incredible.